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Fundraising 11 day meditation challenge for the



11th - 21st of February




kundalini yoga teachers


meditations for mental health


11th February

Two people end their lives in Scotland every day. This is preventable.

Help us to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and suicide prevention.

Every morning between 07.30 and 08.00 between the 11th and the 21st of February.

Experience the transformational power of meditating every day and its positive effect on your mental health!

Each morning a different kundalini yoga teacher from our community will lead a meditation for mental health.

You can join in for any morning, but among those who can make all the mornings, there will be a prize draw to win 3 kundalini yoga classes with your chosen teacher.

No previous experience is needed to join in.

If you have been thinking to try kundalini yoga this is a great way and rare opportunity to experience different teachers.

How to sign up?


Make your donation on HERE

All donations go to the Joshua Nolan Foundation

Recommended donation £22.00

or £11.00 if your budget is a little tight

or £33.00 or more if you pocket is super generous :-)



Sign up with your email address here:

Exciting, you are now set for the challenge! :-)

You will receive a confirmation email and a zoom link before the challenge starts. 

Who are the Joshua Nolan Foundation?

More people die in suicide in Scotland than in traffic accidents. UK wide suicide is the biggest killer of men between 20 and 49. And that’s even more than cancer and heart disease. Every suicide is a preventable tragedy.

The Joshua Nolan Foundation aims to prevent suicide in Scotland by providing funded, specialist counselling to those most at risk and their loved ones. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on mental health, and many people are suffering with mental health problems now more than ever due to being isolated, losing jobs, disrupted lives and even losing loved ones.


Participating teachers

11th February, Thursday

Bogi (Jai Shanti)

12nd February, Friday

Jo Bednarek

13th February, Saturday

Elizabeth (Kirtan Japa Kaur)

14th February, Sunday

Nidhan Avtar Kaur (Jen Reid)

15th February, Monday

Shanti Nam Kaur (Mai)

16th February, Tuesday

Dunia Shakti

17th February, Wednesday

Julia Coulson (Paramshant Kaur) &

Julia Melville (Harpreet Kaur)

18th February, Thurday

Jo McCoy (Agia Dev Kaur)

19th February, Friday

Jenny Smith

20th February, Saturday

Carmen (Chandradev Kaur)

21st February, Sunday