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Charan Akal Kaur (Kasia)

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I'm a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Dunfermline. I've been practising Kundalini Yoga for over 10 years and have teaching over 3 years.

Kundalini Yoga found me through my biggest passion in life - movies. It was not at the crossroads of my life or during spiritual awakening. That's what I love about Kundalini Yoga - it has its ways to come to your life when you need it most. And you may not be aware that you need it at that time at all. I realise now that there were things happening in my life back then that called for it. My new practice also prepared the emotional foundation to deal with what future was bringing for me. Without Kundalini Yoga my life would shatter. I would shatter under the trials the Universe sent my way. 

My classes are normally dynamic and they will challenge you. When I chose kriyas to teach I always follow what resonates with my own soul. My soul seeks constant elevation and that is what I will bring to you through my class.

I am an active member of Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association KYTA.


Mondays @ 6pm

Dell Farquharson Community Leisure Centre

Dell Farquharson Centre 7 Nethertown Broad Street Dunfermline Fife KY12 7DS

Joy Yoga for Kids and 1--1 sessions by request

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