What’s the Difference between Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga?

White floaty clothes – yup no lycra required!! Rock up to class in something cotton and comfy. Cover up or flash some flesh you choose preferably in white. White helps strengthen and expand our aura, protecting us from negative influences.


Energy – In a kundalini class we will be encouraging you to release your pent up emotions to use as energy that hasn’t been allowed an expression during your day to day as fuel to get you through class. I feel I’ve won if I’ve made someone cry.


Movement – Yes you will stretch your body a bit but it is not a class focused on posture and flexiblity. Postures in Kundalini are so simple anyone can do them, but can you keep up? The yoga is a work out for your mind, the exercises help balance your hormones and strengthen your nervous system. You will feel lighter physically and mentally after a class.


Muscles – Kundalini classes vary a lot in style but it is usually a workout, there will always been at least one exercise in class that pushes you to your limit and beyond, the music helps. Bye bye bingo wings.



Music – This is yoga to beautiful music, mantras are usually played though-out class, there are many fabulous Grammy Award winning musicians producing incredible Kundalini Yoga music, you’ve probably heard them before in your other classes.


Chanting – Using your voice, usually while doing wild dancing or some sort of other creative releasing exercise makes you feel amazing.


Eyes – Closed, no ones looking at you, you’re looking within.


Turbans – Don’t let them put you off, they are not obligatory but if you are super sensitive it is a good idea to cover your hair. Hair is an energy antenna and covering it up will stop you picking up on every last bit of information on everybody else. I can’t teach without one.


God – Yes !! it might be mentioned from time to time. i don’t mean the old man with a beard, but that energy that flows through us all and gifted us the spark of life. It’s a fantastic resource, always available, we say vibrate the cosmos, the cosmos will clear a path. That’s the power of your Kundalini.


Go for it – This is the sort of class that where to get the juice get stuck in. We’re teaching you to go beyond your mind. This is not your perfect pristine yoga, this is hot, messy, and fun. We want to see you shine.

Above article was kindly offered by fellow teacher Kiranjot Kaur, who teaches in London  
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