Raj Adesh Kaur (Carolyn McTaggart)

“You don’t have to find anything outside of you. The jewels are all in you.” - Yogi Bhajan


I’m a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga, gong and meditation teacher based in Glasgow. The seeds of my Kundalini Yoga journey were planted in 2015 when I first experienced Yogi Bhajan's teachings. I welcomed and embraced the deeper connection to mind, body and spirit. It opens you to new sensations – more energy, positive thoughts, flexibility, strength and creative expression.


I’m particularly fascinated by the healing qualities of the Naad (the essence of all sound) – whether through music, dance, mantra or the gong - and how it helps us elevate our spirit and enrich our lives. I lead regular classes and workshops suitable for all abilities – from complete beginners to more experienced yogis.


I’ll equip you with the practical tools and techniques as taught by Yogi Bhajan, which you can use to build strength, vitality and aid relaxation – connecting breath, mantra, movement and meditation to raise your potential, while encouraging safe practice.


I completed my Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher training and 21 Stages of Meditation course with Sahej Academy and trained with gong master Mehtab Benton. I’m now discovering more jewels through my level 2 modules drawing inspiration from the Kundalini Yoga community worldwide.


I also completed a 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training Diploma accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals from Balance in Glasgow in 2013.


What my students say:


“I love the combination of chanting, kriyas and meditation, and for me it’s my new yoga drug of choice. Carolyn not only gives fantastic instruction in a kind and gentle way, but she has so much energy and enthusiasm for Kundalini Yoga that it shines through.” – Dave, Glasgow


“Carolyn has a kind, open heart and makes everyone feel welcome – no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi. It’s great learning yoga with someone who has such a passion and interest in the practice, as I always feel safe and comfortable with her – not to mention fitter, healthier and happier.” – Erica, Glasgow


“I've been doing Kundalini Yoga now for almost 3 years, after being introduced to it during a retreat with Awake Retreats thanks to the beautiful Linda Culleton and Divine soul. After the retreat I found a teacher in Glasgow and continued with a weekly class with Raj Adesh Kaur and when I look back, the difference it has made to my life I would describe as incredible…” – Shary, Kilwinning

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Full Moon Gong Night

Tuesday 12 November, 7.35pm-9.00pm

The Movement Studio, 4 Ashton Lane, Glasgow G12 8SJ


During the full moon our glands are most active. We're 70% water bodies and the full moon not only affects the tides of the ocean, but the tides in us. This can make us feel very emotional and reactive, but if we channel that energy (e-motion = energy in motion), there’s an opportunity to access our inner reservoir to speed emotional healing.

Join me this November full moon for a blend of Kundalini Yoga exercise, sacred sound, meditation and deep relaxation with gong – an opportunity to release tension, open channels and harness the flow of energy for inner peace and prosperity.

All welcome. Booking essential. £10

Book online

Anti-Stress Massage and Gong Workshop

Saturday 30 November, 1.00pm-4.30pm

The Movement Studio, 4 Ashton Lane, Glasgow G12 8SJ

Prolonged stress, anxiety, fears and overthinking can deplete our inner reserves resulting in our hearts becoming closed or blocked. We can lose that sense of relationship not only with our self but with others.

In this relaxed and informal practical workshop you’ll awaken your sensory system through Kundalini Yoga and sacred sound to help restore your inner connection and natural balance.

We'll group for warm-ups to explore breath, movement and rhythm. Then in pairs we'll give and receive a 12-point Anti-Stress Yogic Massage as taught by Yogi Bhajan, allowing the nervous system to deeply relax, repair and rejuvenate.

No previous massage experience is necessary. Guided instruction will be given throughout. No oils are used. The massage is received fully clothed lying on the floor. Mats, cushions and blankets will be provided. Wear loose clothing. Bring a towel/extra blanket for comfort and a flask of tea/water.

Spaces limited. Booking essential. £25 advance payment.

Book online

Email me for payment options at yogibytheway@gmail.com

Classes and workshops

Tuning Your Sensory System

Monday and Tuesdays 7.35pm – 9.00pm​

Book online

The Movement Studio, 4 Ashton Lane,

Glasgow G12 8SJ 

£10 per class / £50 for 6-class flexi-pass

“The beauty of being stress-free is the highest richness you can touch. You don’t have to find anything outside of you. The jewels are all in you.” – Yogi Bhajan

Winter Solstice Gathering - Rebirthing into Light

Sunday 22 December, 2pm-4pm

The Movement Studio, 4 Ashton Lane, Glasgow G12 8SJ


Winter Solstice is a great time to come together to experience the love and support of the Kundalini Yoga community for deep transformational work.

Originally taught in the late 80s, Yogi Bhajan’s series of Kundalini Yoga rebirthing kriyas invite students to experience a deep sense of renewal. The vibrational sound of the gong is integral to the experience to heal the pain of the past and overcome any blocks standing between you and your goal of living your best possible life – a life in which you are awakened, rejuvenated and present to your purpose.

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and marks the beginning of Winter. Nature beckons us inward for deeper inquiry. And as the daylight gradually returns, we can begin to shift our inner gears from darkness into light.

In this session you’ll experience a rebirthing kriya to shake off what no longer serves your soul, opening a clear path for your inner spirit to shine - full of peace, love and happiness for the coming year.

What’s a kriya? Kriya means ‘completed action’. It’s a sequence of postures, breathwork, mantra and meditation techniques to produce a particular impact on the mind, body and soul. Come experience the highest expression of your Self in the present moment. Wahe Guru!

No previous experience necessary. All welcome. Booking essential. £20
Book online

Email me for payment options at yogibytheway@gmail.com

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