Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Scotland 2021-22

with The Sahej Academy

START DATE: 24 September 2021 - 22 May 2022

LEAD TEACHER: Sat Nadar Kaur, The Sahej Academy

REGISTER: Enquiries by email to satnadar@sahej.org

MORE INFO: www.acceptancetherapy.co.uk

Dates and Course outline for this training are still to be confirmed. Please contact Sat Nadar to express your interest.



Level 1 training is for everyone – regardless of your experience of Kundalini Yoga. Some people come because they love the yoga and want to share it with others through teaching. Others come because they want to develop their personal practice and others come just to learn more and increase their understanding. Whatever your motivation, you will experience a huge shift in consciousness and your perception of yourself and the world we live in. Each weekend has its own theme and the training builds your knowledge through personal experience. 


On qualification, you will be registered as a KRI Certified Level 1 Instructor, allowing you to teach students. You will also be eligible to join KYTA, the national Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association as a full member and to join its group insurance scheme.



24th - 26th September 2021 Online

22nd - 24th October 2021 Online

26th - 28th November 2021 Online

14th - 16th January 2022 Online

18th - 20th February Online

25th - 27th March Online

18th - 22nd May Face-to-face


Kundalini Yoga - The Yoga of The Aquarian Age

The first weekend introduces you to the basic concept of Kundalini Yoga, aligns it with other forms of yoga and begins a process of personal practice (Sadhana). You will also learn about our place in global evolution, the Aquarian Age and its implications for the world today.

Communication: Inner and Outer


This weekend will give you a solid experience and understanding of breath, mind and consciousness. It will include meditation, mantra, mudra, breath work, the technology of sound and its healing impact on the human system.

The Body as a Temple

Posture and Asana, how and why they work, how to work with them correctly and safely. The human body and its physical functions, Bhandas, the movement of Kundalini, why we do a Kriya and how it works.

Information, Presentation and Situation

By now you will be so inspired that you will want to share your blessing! This weekend you will learn how, where and when to transmit information. How to teach and to serve. How to be responsible and professional and how to answer all those questions.

Infinite Potential

We are more than we think! We are governed by the unseen! Chakras, the Ten Body System, the extent of our infinity, the journey of the soul, an introduction to numerology and the inspiration of archetypes.

Superhealth, Consciousness in Action

Our relationship to Karma, the wheel of life, Dharma and our destiny. The cosmic laws of manifestation and seva. How we can be self-creating through the foods we eat. Taking care of the Temple, attitudes to diet and to illness and healing. Using Kriya and Meditation to balance the body and the mind.

Life, Death, Relationships and Reality

The cycle of birth, life and death. The quality of Aquarian relationships, the essence of the male and female energies and how they can compliment not control each other. Being part of a community and the potential trap of money, power and sex! Attitudes to prosperity and seva and having the resources to fulfil your destiny. Yoga in every day life.

The Spiritual path from Mystery to Mastery

The five steps to Mastery and the illusions along the way. The student teacher relationship and the need for guidance on our chosen path. This weekend will include the examination.


Includes comprehensive course manuals. 

Register and pay £300 non-refundable deposit one month before the 1st module and receive £60 discount

Remaining payments are made in increments.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FULL MODULE FEE IS PAYABLE EVEN IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND.  You can then cover that module at an alternative venue or at another time for no extra cost.