2019 Level 1 Sat Nam Rasayan training in Edinburgh














Learning Sat Nam Rasayan will help you:

  • To heal others,

  • To bring more silence and calmness into your life,

  • To experience every moment and every sensation,

  • To access Shunya - the state of the deep meditative mind,

  • To enhance your intuition

This training is suitable for beginners and experienced meditation practitioners.

Course Dates 2019

Times: Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 9am-4pm


February 16th & 17th

April 27th & 28th

June 29th & 30th

August 31st & Sept 1st


Venue: Edinburgh Yog Room, 5 Forth St, Edinburgh EH1 3JX.


Contact Siri Akal Kaur for booking.

Course Description

Students are invited to sit still in a meditative position, closing their eyes and becoming sensitive and aware of all their sensations. This practice alters the consciousness, bringing about the specific state of meditation required for healing to take place. It also develops the awareness bringing attention to sensations and feelings, which are otherwise ignored. 

Students are guided into deep states of meditation, while at the same time remaining alert and present. When students are able to easily access, and remain stable in this meditative state,  through their awareness, they can know when something has changed in their space. By allowing or resolving this change within themselves, healing takes place for their event. The changes that take place in the healers sensitivity may be referred to as Resistances. The aim of the healer is to resolve these resistances by allowing them.

Level 1 also includes working with the 5 Elements.  Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether - sensing how the elements are used within the consciousness of Sat Nam Rasayan.

Students are required to study 8 days with a Sat Nam Rasayan Trainer (dates detailed above). Students also need to attend 4 days of classes with another Senior Sat Nam Rasayan Teacher or Guru Dev Sengh, master of Sat Nam Rasayan healing. Once these 12 days have been completed, the students are eligible to enter the Level 2 training.


Course Fees

The following fees include the 8 days covered by the Sat Nam Rasayan trainer in Edinburgh;

Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 9am-4pm.


Early Bird Enrollment Fee : £560 (full fee paid one month in advance)

Enrollment Fee (with payment plan option): £640 (£160/weekend)

Please email Siri Akal Kaur

Teacher Information

Har Kirat Kaur has held a meditation practice for almost 30 years. She began studying Sat Nam Rasayan in 1999 when she first met Guru Dev Singh. Her training took place in the Netherlands where she has also taught and been a Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner. Following a request from Guru Dev Singh she has been teaching Sat Nam Rasayan in Ireland since her return 7 years ago.

Since 1994, Dev Atma Kaur has been practicing Sat Nam Rasayan in Germany, where she is from, and she is very happy with this. "A few years later I got the order from my teacher Dr. Guru Dev Singh to teach SNR, so I started with my first courses.  After a break and several moves, I once again started to offer the level 1 training in Schleswig. From this a level 2 developed and a further level 1. And now I live in Scotland and will be very happy to teach here again."

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