Jo McCoy (Agia Dev Kaur)

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Mobile: 0778 665 1918


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I have always been a seeker of the truth at the heart of spiritual practice. Having
practised yoga in many forms my whole adult life I discovered Kundalini Yoga,
which for me took yoga to another level entirely, crystalising and extending my
understanding of life through the practice of this wonderful yogic framework
brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. My intention is to be a part of raising the

vibration of individuals and groups to enhance life.

I’m a Level 1 KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Sahej
Academy 2017), currently working on Level 2 (Conscious Communication).

I teach private classes, public classes and workshops

I’ve been taught by Methab Benton in Advanced Gong playing and Gong Healing.

Public Gong relaxations or “Gong Baths” and Yoga Nidra
One-to-one/group Gong Healing sessions

I am an Accredited Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner.
One-to-one therapy that can quickly remove fears and blocks.

I am a doTERRA oils Wellness Consultant and I advise on oils rituals and use them so enhance all my classes and sessions.


I am an intuitive artist, creating works

in oil that encapsulate positive aspects of lives and personalities.


For over 15 years I have worked as Head of Information Technology in
Government, used to operating at Senior Management level. I have an MSc.
in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and a BSc.(Hons) in Geography, both

from Edinburgh University.

I live with my family in North Berwick, East Lothian.



I am hosting Kundalini Yoga online classes:

Tuesdays 7-8.30pm

Fridays 9-10.20 am

For details see my website

Jo’s regular classes. All welcome.


Tuesdays Kundalini Yoga including Gong Relaxation, 7-8.30pm, 45 St Baldreds Road, North Berwick, EH39 4PU

Thursdays Kundalini Yoga 10.30-12 am, Trinity Centre, 5 Church St, Haddington EH41 3EX

Fridays Kundalini Yoga including Gong Relaxation 9.00-10.30 am, 45 St Baldreds Road, North Berwick, EH39 4PU

Public Gong Baths - monthly in Edinburgh and East Lothian.
Please check website for full details.

Please contact me to arrange Private Yoga, EFT therapy session, Gong Healing relaxations or doTERRA oils consultation.

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