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Simran Daya Kaur


My name is Simran Daya Kaur.

I teach Yoga in Bishopbriggs Glasgow area. I first started attending Kundalini yoga classes in 2014 with request from a friend. Straight away I fell in love with kundalini yoga.

That time I even did not know who Yogi Bhajan is and where this yoga comes from. My understanding to know things came after having experience with kundalini yoga.

After attending few years weekly kundalini class in Glasgow, I signed in for teacher training in 2016 to have deeper experience again never knowing one day I will be teaching. During the course a thought of teaching was scary for me. Heeeeeey, here I am now teaching classes and workshops with such confidence.

Kundalini yoga has given me grounding space where I can grow in my own pace. It has made me stronger, confident and I know my stand in the world full of maya (illusion and distractions).

Whenever I get lost my daily practice always bring me back to the grounding space.

What my students say:

“For five years I had been regularly going to a Tantric Yoga class, but for the last year or so have attended a mostly weekly Kundalini Yoga class. A very big difference and a very big jump, from postures which were almost automatic to me, to very demanding sets of exercises called kriya, authentically delivered with discerning encouragement.

The resulting difference is not simply one of muscle stretching and breath control, but a whole disciplined and spiritually driven hour session, lifting me to a higher plane of consciousness and body-mind alignment. This is partly due to the thought behind the individual kriya from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan; but also, and especially to the faithfulness of these Teachings from our esteemed teacher, Simran. “

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