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Suzanne Maier

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Suzanne is a former NHS midwife of 20 years and is now a birth doula (or lay midwife) supporting families in the Lothians through pregnancy, birth, and in the postnatal period. Alongside her medical knowledge, she uses herbs, homeopathy, and energy work to support women to be healthy, strong, and clear while they make the transition to motherhood. Suzanne believes birth to be one of our major power portals, and she works with pregnant women to help them to access this power prior to and during the birth. She also helps mothers to heal and regain the connection if it was lost or interrupted during the birthing process, or if there is any birth trauma.


Suzanne currently teaches kundalini yoga for pregnancy classes and workshops for new mothers in East Lothian.

These classes involve birth education, movement to stretch, open and strengthen, mantra, and meditation – all chosen with the challenges of the pregnancy journey in mind. She also teaches hypnobirthing and birth preparation workshops in East Lothian. She hosts The Mother Podcast, which provides discussion and information on holistic health for mothers.


Suzanne’s kundalini yoga adventure began in Vancouver in 1993, where she was living at the time. It was the first yoga class she’d been to, and she has still never practised any other type of yoga.

After moving to Scotland she practised on her own until she met her teacher Jen Gold in 2017.

In 2018 she travelled to Berlin to complete Kundalini yoga for Pregnancy and Postpartum training with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and in 2020 she finally decided to complete her level 1 teacher training, with the Sahej Academy.


Suzanne continues to be amazed at how kundalini yoga techniques can help shift things for people and enhance the flow of their life. And pregnancy is a great time to begin to practice these methods while preparing for the motherhood experience.


Suzanne is available for online and in-person individualized pregnancy and birth support and pregnancy yoga.

Classes & Workshops

Weekly class on Tuesday evenings and alternate Saturday mornings in Haddington. 

Regular workshops

For up-to-date info please visit website

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