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I will always remember my first Kundalini Yoga experience. I had just finished a foundation course to be a hatha yoga teacher, and then I went to a kundalini yoga class. It felt as if, after travelling on a standard train, I suddenly popped on a TGV. Wow, it was so powerful…


A few years onwards, Kundalini Yoga’s power still fascinates me day by day. 
Among many other benefits, Kundalini Yoga helped (and helps) me to become a better person. The constant confrontation with myself through the practise can be hard sometimes, but it is definitely worth it. It is like a therapy which empowers you. 

I did the Level 1 teacher training in 2017 and I am in the process of undergoing my Level 2 training.

I firmly believe in the change and transformation that this amazing tool can bring into our lives regardless our age, gender and circumstances. I would love to share this tool with you if you are ready.

On my classes, mats and blankets are provided.
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring some water.

See you on the mat x

What my students say:

“Bogi is an amazing Kundalini Yoga teacher because her focus is to pass on her knowledge and passion to other people. When we are in class (and also outside), our well-being is her number 1 priority and I have never met someone so caring and compassionate as her!

She teaches yoga, yes, but most of all, she is teaching me a better way to treat myself and my life! Thank you!” - Daniela, Edinburgh

“I met Bogi a few years ago in a Kundalini Yoga class. 

We decided to train as teachers and Bogi has already certified as a teacher while i am completing my certification.

She is now my teacher and a tremendous support for me. Motivating me when in doubt and giving freely of her generous and warm nature,.

Her classes are always very well researched and prepared and most beneficial. I feel priviledged to practice with her” -Vittoria, Edinburgh 





Online classes £8.00

Block of 5 online classes for £35.00

Concession fee: £5.00

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